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How To Roll Filter Tips

Learn How To Roll A Cross Roll

Published on 05 Jun 2018 / In Film & Animation

The holiest of holy rolls is surely a crowd pleasing roll that will get you some attention at any event that you light this up. It is not as hard as it looks. Two rolls combined. The step by Step instructions are below.

First Roll a Cone Roll
Cone Roll
Papers: Zig Zag Organic Hemp King Size Rolling Papers - https://www.hippiebutler.com/p....roduct/zig-zag-organ
Size: King
1 - Place tip in the paper
2 - Fill with your favorite dry blend
3 - Tuck and twist the paper around the tip
4 - Tuck the paper under the top fold from the tip out to the end
5 - Constantly twist the tip as you tuck
6 - Wet the gum and seal your roll
7 - Fill the end of the roll if too much has fallen out in the process
8 - Enjoy

Then Roll a Classic Roll
Papers: Zig Zag Organic Hemp 1 1/4 Rolling Papers - https://www.hippiebutler.com/p....roduct/zig-zag-organ
1 - Make a small boat with your paper
2 - Fill with your favorite dry blend
3 - Pack the roll down tight
4 - Tuck paper under the top fold, starting from the center out
5 - Fold the top over and roll tight
6 - Lick and finish the roll
7 - Enjoy

Final Step:

1 - Poke a hole in the larger roll
2 - Slide smaller roll inside
3 - Stop before going to the half way point and poke a small hole through the small roll
4 - Slide the small roll to the half way point, lining up the holes
5 - Cut the gum off of two 1 1/4 papers
6 - Moisten and wrap the gum strips around the roll where the small and large roll meet
7 - Enjoy

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How To Roll Filter Tips