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How To Roll Filter Tips

Learn How To Light Up A Back Flip Roll

Published on 05 Jun 2018 / In Film & Animation

The Back Flip Roll is one of the most fun rolls out there. This is without a doubt a party favorite and a crowd pleaser. Check out how to do it below.

Papers: Raw Classic - https://www.hippiebutler.com/p....roduct/raw-king-size
Size: King Size
1 - Turn the paper upside down and inside out
2 - Place a tip on one end and fill the paper with your favorite dry blend
3 - Tuck the paper under, starting at the tip
4 - not necessary to roll tight
5 - With a wet finger, moisten the roll thru the paper onto the gum
6 - Stroke the roll with one wet finger and one dry finger on the opposite side
7 - Once the gum adheres round out the roll leaving a flap of paper
8 - Fill the end of the roll and pack in tightly
9 - Light the flap of paper
10 - Enjoy

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How To Roll Filter Tips